About Us

BT-PRO Company Limited was established in 2010 by group of engineer with over decade of experiences. It caters various services such as design, Installation, testing and maintenance in electrical and power stations for buildings and factories of all sizes and power stations for both public and private sector companies. The company Specializes in MV (Medium Voltage) & LV (Low Voltage) System, Electrical Installation, Main Distribution Board, Distribution Board and Motor Control Center and Preventive Maintenance.

Electrical Installations
For your new construction or whether renovation works for any projects like commercial, warehouse, malls, factories and plants, we at BT-PRO Company Limited offers variety and complete solution of electrical service, repairs and upgrades that meets the requirement for all of your electrical needs.
Distribution Boards
Our company specializes in MV (Medium Voltage) & LV (Low Voltage) System, Main Distribution Board, Distribution Board and Motor Control Center thus providing energy-efficient solutions, safe delivery, dependable and above performance protection of your electrical power distribution systems to help you our customers manage your electrical power scheme.
Preventive Maintenance
BT-PRO Co., Ltd. performs properly care and servicing by our team for the purpose of maintaining your equipment and facilities in condition by providing for the most cost-effective and manageable solution and systematic ways for your electrical wiring to ensure both safety and durability for your investment and make it sure your project is done.
Best work for you

At BT-PRO Company Limited, we guarantee quality design and installation and offers best solution right on time for your electrical works that will be suitable for the constantly changing demands of the growing industry.

Main Distribution Board

Distribution Board

Motor Control Center